Refund Policy

  1. I am not satisfied with the service how can I request a refund?

    If you are not satisfied with the quality of our services, you may request a refund, which will be considered by administration of Ivave.. For this purpose you should open an ticket in SUPPORT area with detailed explanation of the reason behind refund should be made to you. Administration will give immediate attention to the refund, which should be:
    - not exceed more than 5% of the sum paid to the account;
    - no more than 30 days has passed from the time of payment for the services;
    After the refund your account will be blocked and in the future you will not be able to register on Ivave.com web site and use our services ever again. NOTE: We will not issue a refund if you have made a deposit only to purchase 1 song/album, this is not allowed. Moreover you had free I-Coins for that.

  2. I have purchased one album/track and cannot find anything else I like on your web site, can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately in this case refund is not possible. Moreover you are able to request missing music for us to add. Again let us discuss it in SUPPORT area.

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