I'm first time here. Where I should start?

    Welcome to Ivave.com! In order to use all our services and be able to download your favorite music you should setup an account with us. It is easy and fast. Just press "Sign Up" link on the top or a banner on the center of the start page and follow the instructions. Please note that you should use a valid email address because we will be sending a verification email. Your email will be used as your Login on our site. NOTE: once you activate your email address via verification link you will get $0.50 FREE. Also we would not mind if you read our Terms and Conditions.

    Is it necessary to have an account here?

    Hmmm.. If you want to download music from our site and enjoy bonuses and promotions then surely yes. If your are just a passerby or do not love music then may be no need :) Anyway please note that we protect your personal info and never pass it to any third parties, even if they cry asking for them, no way!

    I have difficulties when I logged in - every time I click on any link it kicks me back to main page! What's going on?

    This appears because cookies in your browser disabled. You have to just turn on cookies in your browser: go into "Internet options" in your browser and click on "Privacy" to change your settings (procedures may differ depending on which browser you use). It is also possible that your proxy server caches Internet pages "too efficiently". Check the settings or refer to your system administrator or ISP technical support.

    What are the prices on Ivave?

    The current price for an mp3 file on Ivave is same for all mp3 files and is set to $0.10. The price for a FLAC file is also same for all albums and artists and is set to $0.30. The price may change and we doubt that it will decrease, so if you want to purchase music on our site then you should use the advantage of the current low price.

    How can I contact you or how can I get support from you?

    1) You should log in to our site or register if you do not have an account and log in after that.
    2) Press on your email address displayed on the top of the site. You will go to your personal account area. Then press the "Support" link. You will go to ticketing system. Other way – press the SUPPORT button in right side widget.
    3) Press "Create Ticket" orange button and tell us whatever you need help with in a new message window. IMPORTANT: Please put in the topic of your message which describes your question briefly. Then tell as much about your problem as possible in message body so we could assist you very fast and very cool.

    What should I do if I did not receive confirmation message?

    First of all – do not panic! It may have gone to your spam folder, even good mail goes there from time to time. Just go to support ticketing system by pressing the "SUPPORT" link in the right side widget and inform us about that. Anytime you have a question – write us a ticket!

    I did not get my free songs for registration, where I can get them?

    They were supposed to be given once you pressed the activation link. If you pressed one and it gave nothing then do not hesitate to tell us about it via ticketing system by pressing the "SUPPORT" link in the right side widget. We will be happy to help you!

    How to download from your site?

    You need to have positive balance to start downloading.

       1) From search results. When you search for the music and found a match in Tracks field you can download directly from search result by pressing on the diskette sign. If you press on the same sign near the album match – the whole album ZIP archive download will start. But please be patient and let our system create the archive. It will take less than 10-15 seconds. We will not forget to charge you $0.10 per every track you download :)

       2) From Album page. Once you reach the album page you will have 2 options: Download one or more tracks from the album by checking them and pressing "Download Selected" button. In this case the ZIP archive with selected tracks will be created and download will start automatically. Or you can press the diskette sign near the desired track. And the other option is to download all album in ZIP archive with just one click on the "Download Album" button right under the album cover picture.

       3) From any other place by pressing on diskette sign. Again, it will cost you $0.10 per file.

    How to add money to my account?

    Just press the "Refill" button in the top of the site right near your email (login). You will be redirected to the secure payments processing page. You will be able to chose preferable payment method and amount to be added to your account. Whenever you have any difficulties adding funds to your account please let us know same moment via support ticketing system.

    Are there any hidden/monthly fees?

    The regular price for one mp3 track on our web site is set to $0.10 and $0.30 for a FLAC file. Do not miss this offer as the price may change in future. Prices are in EUR for Europe and in USD for all other countries with all TAXes included. We have no extra fees. Extra fees may apply only by processing institution and will not exceed $0.30.

    If I make a deposit and won't use up my balance straight away, will it expire? And what if I add funds today and tomorrow the prices on your site change?

    Your balance has no evaluation date. Yo may use your funds and bonuses at any moment. In case if the price change your balance will be recalculated so you will loose nothing. Example: The current price is $0.10 for mp3 file. You balance is $100.00, so if the price for an mp3 file changes to $0.20 your account balance will be recalculated automatically and become $200.00


    Does the preview have the same quality as the actual track available for download on your web site?

    Yes, 60 secs previews have the same quality as the actual track.

    What is a zip file? How can I use it?

    A zip file is archive (compressed folder) which has several files (or entire album) inside. It allows you to download several tracks at the one time. You will need to 'unzip' this file and extract files from archive before using them in MP3 player or mobile phone.

    I have downloaded tracks to my computer, but can not find them!

    Tracks that you have downloaded from Ivave.com are usually saved in one of three places: My Music, My Downloads or your Desktop. If you failed to find downloads, first of all make sure that you have really downloaded files. If you see that the download failed it may have happened due to internet loss or any other tech issue. You can download files again from "My History" area. Just click on "MY ACCOUNT" on the right corner "HELP" side bar and go to "My History". Here your files are!

    How can I transfer purchased music to my iPod/iPhone?

    First of all you have to download purchased music to your computer and extract it from archive if you download in Zip file. After that you need to download "iTunes" and install it due to instructions. Then run iTunes.
    a) To import an individual mp3 file, choose File > Add File to Library, and then locate the music file you want added to your library. b) To import all the mp3 files in a folder, choose File > Add Folder to Library, and then locate the folder containing the audio you want added to your library. Sync your iPod/iPhone:
    1. Connect your iPod/iPhone to your computer.
    2. When the iPod/iPhone icon appears in the iTunes window (below Devices), select it.
    3. If the Summary pane isn't showing, click the Summary tab.
    4. To automatically sync your iPod/iPhone:
    a) Make sure that "Manually manage music" is not selected.
    b) Click the Music tab and do one of the following:
    To automatically update your iPod/iPhone with all the songs and playlists in your library, select "Sync music" and then select "All songs and playlists". iTunes loads the songs and playlists in your iTunes library onto your iPod, and deletes songs from your iPod/iPhone that aren't in your library.
    To automatically update your iPod/iPhone with only certain playlists, select "Sync music" and "Selected playlists," and then select the playlists you want synchronized.

    To manually sync your iPod/iPhone:
    a) Make sure that "Manually manage music" is selected.
    b) Click Music (below Library, on the left side of the iTunes window) and then drag songs and playlists to your iPod/iPhone.

    How can I download or transfer tracks to my mobile phone/mp3 player (not iPod/iPhone)?

    First of all you should purchase tracks and download to your computer. Then procedure varies depending on the type, model of your device, so you may need to consult user guide or manual of your device for detailed instructions and steps.
    If you have music library on your computer which synchronizes with device, you should add downloaded mp3s from Ivave.com to your music library first and then sync with device. Note: downloading to computer is not necessary for some devices which have their own browser and Internet access.

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