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Brief Bio

Italy's Ricchi e Poveri (The Rich as well as the Poor) was developed as a singing band in 1967 by Franco Gatti (born upon October 4, 1945, in Genoa), Angela Brambati (born upon October 20, 1949, in Genoa), Angelo Sotgiu (born upon February 22, 1947, in Trinita d'Agultu), and also Marina Occhiena (born upon March 10, 1959, in Genoa). In 1970 and 1971, they won 2nd rewards at the Sanremo festival with the tunes "La Prima Cosa Bella" and also "Che Sarà," turneding into one of Italy's most preferred teams. In the 1980s, after Occhiena had left the band, the remaining 3 changed toward a more light in weight, dance-oriented music. One of Sanremo's regulars, Ricchi e Poveri ultimately gained initia… view full →

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