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Carried Laouni Mouhid in 1981, La Fouine matured in Trappes, a remote suburban area of Paris. The youthful Mouhid was increased paying attention to a variety of songs, from Jacques Brel to the Jackson 5, with a desire for rap imitates Snoop Dogg and NTM. He left school at 14 to end up being a rap artist; he was a dope dealer by the age of 16. In 2003, having made a name for himself on the rap scene with a freestyle appearance on the mixtape Violences Urbaines, he was signed to Sony. He likewise came to be a mediator for youth teams in city areas for his community at this time.His initial launch for the tag, after a fascinating mixtape in 2004, mirrored this: Bourré au Boy, in 2005, was an ac… view full →

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